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Charlotte Reader's Podcast Episode

In this episode 253, we visit with Robert Wallace, awards-winning author of “As Breaks the Wave Upon the Sea,” a poignant and introspective collection dealing with love, loss, and the intricate facets of relationships.

In the title story, a husband and wife alternate points of view as the husband, a soldier returned home, struggles to adjust back to his life. In another story, a man picks up kayaking after his wife’s death from colon cancer.

Kim Church, author of “Byrd,” had this to say about the book, “For the characters in these stories, loss is a jumping-off point. The question is, what comes next—into what new worlds will loss lead? This is rich territory, and Robert Wallace mines it with skill and imagination. His characters pulse with life; his settings are vividly drawn—North Carolina, Michigan, pandemic-era New York, where the streets are empty and ‘the air simply smells like air.’ This is transporting work by a gifted storyteller.”

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